Elliot Barlas

Principal Software Engineer at LogMeIn
Petaluma, CA


I'm a generalist software engineer specializing in backend Java web applications deployed in AWS Cloud with an emphasis on customer identity, authentication, and administration. I regard myself as a thoughtful and deliberate developer that seeks simple and scalable solutions to problems. I have a record of stewarding and evolving software systems over the course of many years while maintaining high quality code and employing modern techniques. I am responsible for the full spectrum of software lifecycle stages, from specification and design to deployment, monitoring, and maintenance. I empower my colleagues by providing tools, libraries, and frameworks and by cultivating an atmosphere of growth, learning, and collaboration. I enjoy a range of programming activities including C++ game programming, Raspberry Pi actuator programming, mobile development, and server development. I also enjoy teaching computer programming topics to newcomers as a volunteer at the local CoderDojo chapter and at Santa Rosa Junior College.


The following technologies represent my current proficiencies, though my curiosity extends way beyond items listed. The asterisk (*) denotes a modest level of experience.


Citrix, LogMeIn

In February 2017, the GoTo online services division within Citrix spun off and merged with LogMeIn.

Positions Held

July 2007 - Present


The following projects are among the most significant during my time at Citrix and LogMeIn. As the lead engineer for the projects below, I am responsible for design, implementation, testing, deployments, maintenance, monitoring, alerts, escalations, documentation, and client libraries.


Masters of Science (M.S.), Computer Science

University of California, Santa Barbara

Bachelors of Science (B.S.), Computer Science

University of California, Santa Barbara


I've kept up a steady stream of side projects over the last few years in an effort to explore new unfamiliar areas such as Raspberry Pi actuator programming, Android development, and C++ game programming. More details are available in the associated GitHub repositories.


Volunteer Tutoring

Santa Rosa Junior College

December 2019 - Present

Over the course of several years, I've partnered with instructor David Harden as a volunteer tutor for the foundational CS10ABC series. The three-course set is the primary requirement for a Computer Science degree at SRJC. It introduces computer programming concepts and methodologies as well as data structures and algorithms with C++.

Coder Dojo

Petaluma Public Library

January 2017 - August 2018

The local chapter of CoderDojo met weekly for an hour at the Petaluma Public Library. I was a mentor and instructor for students learning to code with languages including Scratch, Python, and Javascript and with platforms such as Khan Academy and CodeCombat.

Santa Barbara Java User Group

Santa Barbara

June 2014 - June 2018

I organized the Java User Group in Santa Barbara using the Meetup.com platform. Meetings were roughly quarterly and covered topics ranging from Java release news to vector graphics programming on Android to WebSocket programming with Java EE. I arranged speakers, scheduled events, ordered meals, and cultivated a welcoming atmosphere for attendees of all backgrounds.


AWS Blog

December 2020

How LogMeIn migrated a billion records online from Oracle to Amazon Aurora and achieved sub-millisecond response time
Modernizing with AWS Blog
Elliot Barlas


November 2008

A Satellite Mobility Model for Qualnet Network Simulations
2008 IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM 2008)
Daniel Havey, Elliot Barlas, Roman Chertov, Kevin Almeroth, Elizabeth Belding
Computer Science Department, University of California Santa Barbara

ASE 2007

September 2007

NetStub: A Framework for Verification of Distributed Java Applications
22nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2007)
Elliot Barlas, Tevfik Bultan
Computer Science Department, University of California Santa Barbara